Thursday, August 27, 2009

the antidote.

the antidote to oppression is self actualisation.

this process has many stages. i`ll try to identify them here so that you can assess where you are on the path to being able to make decisions for yourself and take control and responsibility for your life.

the first stage to self actualisation is rebellion.

this stage manifests it`s self right from the moment we first exhibit behaviour.

the baby quickly learns the word no, and even though the use of this word generally seperates the child from what he or she wants, the baby still strikes for autonomy by saying no again.

the child who manages to run the gauntlet of parents. teachers, ministers, priests and policemen then comes face to face with...the boss.

the second stage of self actualisation is education.

many fall into the trap of believing the bricks-and-mortar building full of trade-unionists is there for the sole purpose of teaching us the secrets of the kingdom, and will be the salvation of the next generation of keen young minds.


much as the person who has spiritual questions niavely goes into a church, the bright young things enter university with the idea they will be enlightened by those who went before them.

wrong again.

they discover quite quickly that, to pass, they must toe the party line. in this instance the party is one of the professor`s ego....who is attached by the pocket-book to the dean.

stroke these guys by regurgitating thier party-line and you will get a little bit of paper for your wall that tells everyone else what a good little parrot you are, and if you are lucky, some of those people, especially those without the bits of paper, will give you other bits of paper to trade for food, fuel and shelter.

the third stage of self actualisation is disappointment.

disappointment that the bit if paper on the wall got you a marginally nicer place to sit each day, and no futher along the path to knowing what the fuck is going on.

along with the third stage comes evangilisation.

for some this means jumping on a bandwagon like saving the environment or some political junket taken in the local lecture hall, maybe a slip into a way of "finding one`s self."

for those with too much self-respect for trying to save the world one way or another, comes the rise of paranoia and conspracy theories.

believing that someone, or something, has it in for you can be comforting on those long nights towards the end  of a long month and a short paycheque.

9/11, space aliens, abductions, black government projects, implants. templars, the illuminati. ancient astronauts.

they are all true and protected by extremely dangerous people with guns and other weapons designed to kill people like you who dig too deep.

once you have clicked every link and stayed up late into the night listening to coast-to-coast so much that you are sleeping all day and your girlfriend/wife leaves you, you reach a point where you realise that you`ve come full circle.

and what did you discover?

nothing really.....except that, you like yourself a little more, and are more patient toward others and you are generally happier, mostly because, after listening to people rant on about secret government ops and men in realise those people are nuts.

and you aren`t.

so the next stage of the antidote to oppression is acceptance.

this process is very much like the stages of grief when we lose a loved one.

shock, denial, negotiation and finally, acceptance.

we are born screaming and yelling, pushed from a bath of warm fluid and muffled sounds into what never stops being a struggle to survive.

some reach the level of acceptance in life quite quickly and settle into a rhythm of peaceful enjoyment of lifes simple pleasures, while others stay  on the boundary between shock and denial and stagger aound, making things difficult for others.

so where are you in all of this?

and it begs the to get unstuck.

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